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Will your assets generate enough income to sustain your lifestyle through retirement? Find out by testing your assets against 1,000 possible economic scenarios with our Probability of Income Sustainability Analysis!

Rising prices, higher taxes, and financial storms may have a devastating impact on your retirement lifestyle…

This analysis considers 1,000 possible scenarios including market crashes and inflation to determine whether you can sustain your lifestyle.

Your income capability is the amount of money you can spend each year without putting yourself at too much risk to outlive your assets.

Income Capability Analysis

Focused on YOUR Lifestyle

Surviving Financial Storms

Retirement success is relative to your family's lifestyle goals. Discover whether your ideal retirement lifestyle will be sustainable.

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How much income can your assets generate?

Your income capability is the amount you can safely spend each year without being at too much risk to outlive your assets. We factor in all potential sources of income that you can leverage for financial independence.

Will your financial resources deliver enough income to sustain your lifestyle despite rising prices and taxes?

Financial independence is about more than accumulating wealth. It's about whether you'll be able to acehive and sustain your family's ideal lifestyle.

Will your income and lifestyle be sustained through financial storms?

Financial storms and difficult economic times are inevitable. The timing and severity of these events will impact your income capability. That's why we test your assets against 1,000 economic scenarios to calculate your probability of retirement success.

We've helped hundreds of families pursue financial independence over the past 30 years and have earned many credentials and awards along the way including...

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We'll test your assets against 1,000 possible economic scenarios and calculate your probability of being able to fund your ideal retirement lifestyle. If you're not on track to retire comfortably within our confidence zone of 70% - 90%, you'll get actionable recommendations from our team. Request your Probability of Income Sustainability Analysis today!

Find out your probability of retirement success!