RETIREMENT: READY OR NOT? Your 5 Personal Decision Points

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Presented by Bob Reby, CFP®, one of America's Top Financial Advisors according to Barron's*



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Tuesday, May 16th, 1:00 PM EST

Thursday, May 18th, 8:00 PM EST

Tuesday, May 23rd, 1:00 PM EST

Here's what you'll learn during this 30-minute webinar...


“The Retirement Killer: Volatility”

Do you know how much RISK you’re taking with your hard-earned dollars?


“The Tricky Business of Retirement: Hidden Fees”


“Three Sneaky Retirement Tax Traps: Beating the IRS at its Own Game”

Take back control of your retirement accounts and demand transparency.

How can you side-step the IRS’s net as it tries to feed an ever-hungry government?


“Retirement” Advisors vs.

“Wall Street” Advisors


“The #1 Most Critical Risk That Can Derail Your Lifestyle”

How do you know if YOUR advisor is qualified to take you through retirement?

This risk causes investors to underperform the market by 3% - 4% annually.

About Webinar Host Bob Reby, CFP®...

Join Author and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Bob Reby for this educational webinar presentation. Bob founded Reby Advisors in 1985 and has been recognized by Barron's as one of America's top financial advisors and the #1 independent advisor in Western Connecticut*. He has appeared on and in...

RETIREMENT: READY OR NOT? Your 5 Personal Decision Points


*The formula Barron's uses to rank advisors is proprietary. It has three major components: assets managed, revenue produced and quality of practice. Investment returns are not a component of the rankings because an advisor's returns are dictated largely by the risk tolerance of clients.

The quality-of-practice component includes an evaluation of each advisor's regulatory record.

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